Kino is back on the menu.

So! Today I had a crazy wild idea to change the entire website, a project which ended up taking me around 5 hours and some very stressful breaks and deep breathing. But this is good! The new plan for the site does not just limit it to the Criterion Challenge. This is going to be a bigger, broader, better, more bootylicious website. My goal, in these very early starter days is to clean up my hopefully successful website into something with a more serious vision than I had prior considered. Let me pitch for just a second.

Movie criticism is a very over-saturated market, even within the Criterion circuit and fandom. There's only so many times a person can discuss the importance of montage in Citizen Kane or how they used chocolate syrup as blood in Psycho. We've all had things to say about our favorite and least favorite films, and I want to explore beyond criticism and dissection of movies and go into a deeper connection of what makes us all a universal audience. I'm speaking to the fact that we are all seeing the same movies with different backgrounds and perspectives that are uniquely different. We should be able to talk about film with an audience who will listen non-judgmentally and react properly to our differing tastes and hot-takes.

This website could be a soapbox for me to talk about Criterion films, my reviews and various film watching experiences, but I would like to open this up to a more involved community of film conversation! If you are interested in joining this conversation I implore you to join our forum and become a member. If you want to write a review or a list or an essay, I'm exuberantly behind that as well. This is not a closed group. I'm optimistic and known to put too many eggs in proverbial baskets. That being said, I think the right structure and sweat and love this website, now called and further known as Purely Kino could have a swing at the big leagues.

Please do not be afraid or intimidated to talk about movies. If you've seen one movie and nothing else, I want to hear about that film. If you've seen 1,000 films, tell me your favorites. Let's talk movies, completely un-pretentiously. This isn't just a site for my voice, but hopefully a stepping stone for multiple people to talk with me, about film.

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