Catching up with Purely Kino.

I apologize for the 2 week hiatus from posting any film updates or articles. It's been a very busy time on my end, but in the best way, because I'm going to be optimizing the site in the best way for our members, subscribers and followers. Purely Kino went from crawling to walking, and this is all very exciting. Soon enough I'm hoping the website will be able to be a platform for multiple users to share their stories, reviews and opinions on everything kino!

A few updates:

Over the last three weeks we did a weekly giveaway of three newly sealed 4K film releases. The first giveaway was won by one of our devoted Instagram followers and members, who chose a copy of Whiplash on 4K. Our second winner was a local friend and coworker who received a copy of Braveheart on 4K in a newly wrapped steelbook. The final winner was announced yesterday who is still in the process of choosing a movie to be shipped to his address. Each new 4K was purchased by myself, as a gift to my many followers and also an incentive for others to participate in my website as well. With the new followers we have received both through Instagram and Facebook, it was only time to share that love to the original web-page. We hit a milestone amount of 1K Instagram followers and over 60 subscribers to the website which is very exciting! Because of this continued growth I have the opportunity to give back to those who are a part of this evolving website.

Another update. With the continuing growth of the website, I've decided it would be fun to make some merchandise! This is no cheap venture, but you gotta put that brand awareness out. I started with about twenty stickers which I'm giving out for free to new members and subscribers! I'm very excited to show off the logo I designed along with future logos I plan to collaborate on with some of my more creative graphic designer friends! I'm looking to up the brand image every day, with more and more of a recognizable theme across stickers and other media merchandise. The most recent order I put through was on a few t-shirts to share with some of my closer friends and followers! I hope to be able to work on more as I continue to clean up the brand image.

Final update! Purely Kino is ready for some content support and collaboration lovin'. The next step in broadening the scope of the site and its reach to online followers, with a more organic endgame to be able to be found on Google or any other search engine. I am more than all ears to talk about possible partnerships or sponsors for the site, which can be a two way street for other brands or websites also in their early steps of getting off the ground. If you know anyone interested in supporting Purely Kino or anyone who wants to collaborate on anything in the future regarding film and film criticism, don't be too shy to drop by some suggestions. Let's find a way to get this platform running with the support and friendship of its subscribers and members. Thank you for helping me invest in the future of Purely Kino.

Keep on watching.


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