A Conversation with Marisol Diaz and Hadley Dion

With Paul Deeter

Hadley Dion and Marisol Diaz (Photo by Ethan Talby)

I'm always excited to stumble upon fresh content and new discoveries through streaming platforms or good word of mouth. Sometimes, like I mention in my interview with the creators of I Would Have Kissed You the winner in an aisle of bottles of wine is usually the one with the best label. The artwork of Kissed You done by @notbadia on Instagram, is as clickable as the show is easy to watch. Having to do with something with IG's algorithm for discovering new influencers and creators, I stumbled upon Hadley Dion and Marisol Diaz' page for their web-series, a heavily accoladed lean ten-part show about two young college-grad women whose friendship remains tethered despite the unpredictable nature of their dating life and the men who come along. The series has a clever title, with each episode adding a variation to the statement: I would have kissed you. Where this line originated is something I found out when I had the great opportunity of interviewing the creators.

Purely Kino: So the titles are significant to the episode and also kind of, like, the identity of the show. Did (you) have the idea for the titles, even before the idea for some of the episode roots and some of the the plots were laid out?

Marisol Diaz: I don't think we had come up with the titles beforehand because we had already come up with the ideas for the characters... and we had all these ideas of what we wanted the characters to go through, and like comedy bits that we had ideas for and I think that is really where we came up with the titles.

Hadley Dion: Yeah the episode titles definitely came later... "I would have kissed you" is a text I had sent a guy very much similar to the Luke and Mattie relationship where I went out with someone and he got food poisoning.

PK: Ok!

HD: (laughs) ... so like I would have kissed you if you hadn't thrown up was definitely a text at some point.

PK: (laughs) Gotcha.

HD: It's definitely a mood.

@notbadia providing some stellar artwork

PK: I was gonna go into the question about how you guys wrote, Maddie and Olivia...and then also just like where some of the inspiration comes from. Was that (inspiration) close to home, and were these personal experiences that you wanted to share?

MD: I think it was like funny things that have happened to us or like people we knew...just in general knowing how difficult dating can be. And even just little things that may have happened to us or other people, we kind of built on those ideas and really exaggerated them.

HD: Yeah I think the first few drafts were probably closer to home but then some things weren't like dramatic enough so we either shifted them or brought in other stories we'd heard from other people.

PK: It seems organic. Did you guys have earlier the process of fundraising and researching and kind of creating the roles, an idea (to cast) Mallory Lowe (Mattie) and Janelle Marie Rodriguez (Olivia). Did you have an idea that they were gonna be on from an early standpoint, or just get lucky (laughs).

HD: (Marisol) had known Mallory a long time, I've known Mallory a really long time, and she was definitely someone we had talked about. We auditioned other "Mattie's" though. I think,

MD: (picks up) ... it was so clearly her and when the two of them came in to read together there was such magic we knew they had to be the mouths of Maddie and Olivia together... I think I remember this pretty early on, and I don't know if you r