A conversation with Big Biting Pig Productions

Initially I planned on watching the film It Lives in the Attic with the intent on enjoying a schlock-filled, low budget and incoherent horror flick. My friend and collaborator Will had 'recommended' this picture based on a late night dive into some of Amazon Prime's lesser viewed features. When he wrote me some of the following, I decided it was too intriguing not to watch myself. Will sent me some of the following:

WILL: It Lives in the Attic is one of the most messed up, cursed, and straight up “what the f***” movie I’ve ever watched. This movie captures the idea of sex in such poor taste; apparently, people have insanely weird kink fantasies that only the strangest people could have... this might have been the point of the movie.

Steve Hudgins, director of titles like Goatsucker and Hell is Full directed and starred in this 2016 release. He is accredited as the writer and director of at least seven feature films (according to IMDB) along with multiple mentions of his work involving make-up, sound design and other contributions to his films. The company that put out this feature, Big Biting Pig Productions is said to have made

the film for just $1,000. The two founders of the production company are Steve Hudgins who is also known for multiple books in a macabre series, and PJ Woodside who has been awarded for her work on stage along with screen. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak with Hudgins starting with information on the founding of Big Biting Pic Productions.

Steve: PJ Woodside is my movie making partner. I used to do a lot of acting. We were both in a stage play together. That's how we met. I had made a movie with a couple acting buddies of mine. PJ had some minor editing experience, so I was able to get her on board to help edit the movie. When it was over, the guys I made the movie with were burned out, but I felt like I was just warming up. So I created Big Biting Pig Productions, asked PJ if she wanted to be part of it and the rest is history.

My intent when I reached out to them on Instagram and Facebook was following up on the bizarre nature of Attic and some of their other titles, along with the ambitions the team has had over their many years of work. I got the opportunity to communicate with Steve Hudgins, who I reached out to via his Patreon:

Paul: I was recommended It Live in the Attic by a friend who dragged the film. He's actually a contributor to the site. This made me interested and I quite enjoyed it.

Steve: Cool. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It might be my favorite of our movies.

We discussed the film's narrative. It Lives in the Attic explores a series of interwoven encounters triggered by the presence of an evil nature belonging to an attic. The narrative plays out backwards in a Memento style that exists as a theme of some of his other works. The sequence that most intrigued me, and divided my co-critic, was a long drawn out kink-club sequence, in the vain of a very absurd Eyes Wide Shut reference. Will discusses the sudden introduction of this scene:

Will: ...(then) we get to the bizarre kink club made out of Wal-Mart props. This takes up a good 30 min of the movie which left me watching with a confused stare the entire time.

Paul: I really enjoyed some of the kink-friendly scenes. Added a bizarre nature to the story.

Steve: I believe you are speaking of "Club Fun" - Some of the funnest scenes we've ever shot.... Handled the wrong way, those scenes could have been uncomfortable for people, but I kept the mood on set light and fun those days and everyone had a good time in that bizarre world.