5 DC Films that Should #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

by Jason McCullum

It is likely no secret to any reader that Zack Snyder’s Justice League was an experience unlike any other for me. After years of anticipation, Snyder’s four-hour epic lived up to all the hype that willed it into existence. The only major letdown from the Snyder Cut was the major cliffhangers that the film presented, showing just how unfinished Snyder’s ultimate vision was. The filmmaker extraordinaire had high hopes of continuing the Justice League tale with plenty of intentional loose ends that would lead fabulously into future films. However, the future of the DCEU seems to be moving in a completely different direction.

Upon releasing Joss Whedon’s 2017 cut of Justice League, it was essentially confirmed that future Zack Snyder projects were going to die off. Yet, there might just be some hope for diehard fans that want to continue where Snyder Cut left things. It was the fan enthusiasm that got the film released in the first place and given its widespread praise from fans over the opening weekend, there is a chance for more story. Not a phenomenal chance, but a chance, nonetheless. So here is my pitch of 5 films that DC and Warner Brothers could, and should, make to restore the Snyder-Verse:

* Note * These are ranked five to one on my personal feelings of how essential this film would be in restoring Snyder’s vision and allowing him to continue his story:

5. Man of Steel 2

Admittedly the least likely entry on this list due to the recent news that Warner Brothers would be rebooting Superman once again, this time likely opting for a Black Kryptonian God (excellent idea, by the way). However, as DC eyes opening their multiverse (more information later), bringing Henry Cavill back for the long-awaited Superman sequel would help tie up many of the loose ends that Snyder Cut left for that character. Most specifically, Kal-El could finally go on to properly battle Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, a character and role that never got a proper chance due to the many flaws that BvS presented to audiences. Another main reason that this would be an excellent contender for the next chapter in Snyder’s story is the financial success of the original Man of Steel picture. All things considered, the film did not underwhelm at the box office the way BvS and Justice League did. While those may have technically grossed more in terms of dollars, MoS was more efficient at grossing the money that was expected by Warner Brothers executives, while the other films greatly underwhelmed projections. Also given that Cavill has been such a major supporter of Zack and the Snyder-Verse movement, it may be time for the Man of Tomorrow to return.

4. Green Lantern Corps

Not only are fans overdue for a decent Green Lantern movie after the abysmal Martin Campbell effort in 2011, but the Snyder Cut set the stage perfectly by introducing audiences to lesser-known members of Green Lantern Corps. Specifically, the film briefly introduces audiences to a deceased Kilowog as Cyborg has a vision in the Knightmare timeline. Additionally, Yalan Gur is shown in battle during the History Lesson story, fighting alongside humans as Darkseid invades Earth before the events of Justice League. Both inclusions not only satisfy diehard Lantern fans but set the stage to introduce the masses to Green Lanterns that separate from the typical green flame individual that has been popularized in comic culture. Diving deeper into these two characters, specifically acknowledging how Kilowog came to join the battle, would pave the way to include these characters in future Snyder stories. Remember, Snyder was hoping to introduce Green Lantern more officially in Justice League before Warner Brothers blocked it. So, it is safe to assume that he would be eager to tell some larger stories with those characters.

3. The Flash